Halfway through

It's been a long time, a friend of mine asked me recently whether I stopped blogging..

Truth is, I'm keeping myself occupied with work n working out, I'm halfway to reach my target weight n bmi. Glad for myself as I'm entering 7x soon.

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Staying healthy

Recently I'm back to old regime to get to my desired bmi.. Go!

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Location:Jalan Lintas,Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia

Addicted to Core Fitness

i joined the gym for quite awhile but i dont have time to fully utilize the service. tried bodypump the other day it was awesome. thumbs up

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This is what u got when ur too intoxicated playing it

P/s credit to mama for secretly snapping this picture
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New Lappy :D

Dear Bloggie,

its been awhile since i abandoned u. i finished p

ediatrics posting, which means ive been abandoning you for the past 4 months.. the posting was awesome, i learned alot, i miss the specialist, mo's and definitely the babies. it was a busy posting and i was quite occupied

last week i changed to new posting orthopedics which i have no idea and cant barely remember anything from medical school. comparatively with my previous 2 postings, this one well known for heavenly-chillax posting. most of the HO's there
has a tablet just to kill of time. since i noticed i will be spending alot of time @ home i decided to get myself a new laptop just to surf and also at least to play dota.

i bought myself a netbook. :)

p/s: friends of mine bought me watch for my bday. miss them since im now in peninsular for raya

New posting

During med school I always wanted to do paediatric, now I'm in the posting and just offtag. So far loving it but so many things to learn.. Need constant reading.

But kids are adorable. Look at this one for example. Kan?
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My bantal peluk for oncall

Isn't she just adorable

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Mama abah trip to KK

Just few hours ago I sent my parent to airport, they came to visit since I applied for leave.

Spend first night in Gayang seafood restaurant despite of the tsunami warning. Luckily the restaurant is not totally near the coast. The food was great, lobster was quite cheap (rm15 per 100g) and the prawns and fish was really fresh

2nd day brought them to see the hospitals, and around KK. They bought me new side console table and kerusi for my empty apartment. Thx a lot. Love them :)

Hope to see them again in June

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This is how I start my day

Doing review, someone callled me to check CTG n walaaaa..
Now sitting for 30minutes to check whether the ctg is good or not. Another. 30minutes to go. There goes my morning review and I'm screwed
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Bile nk bersara

Sigh 3 calls in less than 10 days.
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New Speaker :D

Its been super long since I posted in this deserted blog. I started working in sabah and life is soo much different. I rewarded myself with new speaker since I don't need anything else.
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