Addicted to Core Fitness

i joined the gym for quite awhile but i dont have time to fully utilize the service. tried bodypump the other day it was awesome. thumbs up

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This is what u got when ur too intoxicated playing it

P/s credit to mama for secretly snapping this picture
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New Lappy :D

Dear Bloggie,

its been awhile since i abandoned u. i finished p

ediatrics posting, which means ive been abandoning you for the past 4 months.. the posting was awesome, i learned alot, i miss the specialist, mo's and definitely the babies. it was a busy posting and i was quite occupied

last week i changed to new posting orthopedics which i have no idea and cant barely remember anything from medical school. comparatively with my previous 2 postings, this one well known for heavenly-chillax posting. most of the HO's there
has a tablet just to kill of time. since i noticed i will be spending alot of time @ home i decided to get myself a new laptop just to surf and also at least to play dota.

i bought myself a netbook. :)

p/s: friends of mine bought me watch for my bday. miss them since im now in peninsular for raya