Fibroid and one good weekends

well obs n gynae are centainly the most busy subspecialty ever.. been going for 8-1:30 and 2-5pm classes everyday. clinics and even OT

last friday i clerked a case for OT. this lady a 37yr old nulliparous presented with menorrhagia and pelvic pain. 5 fully soaked maximum protection pad. she was later on diagnosed to have multiple fibriod thru ultrasound and opted for surgery

speaking of which its slightly smaller than futsal ball (addition to the futbal fever)

well and on the saturday, my little brother cooked me a wonferful ayam lemon

trust me he learned this from his nintendo DS. amazing huh? not to mention the lemony tasty of the crispy chicken. it was certainly mouth watering..

oh btw argentina won!!! and next up.. germany.. may the mighty argentine make my extend worthwhile. haha ;p

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Randomness #8

found some cute boy.. tembam n he keeps on smiling

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just started my Obstetric and Gynaecology posting. bz! -.-
btw gym regime going well.. tolong la turun berat.. haha

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When Songs Change You

Yesterday was the season finale for Glee Season 1. It was emotional and breath-taking and i cant help but to write about it here despite of having a written exam tomorrow for my orthopedics posting. They performed the best medley i ever heard in my life.
They call it the Journey Medley. Journey is an American rock band formed in 1973 in San Francisco, California, with former members of Santana. The band has gone through several phases, but its strongest commercial success came in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Despite of having the lead singer replaced in 1990s they still are the unfathomable wonders in music.

Here is the medley. It gave me goosebumps...

The new wonder of the world
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What kept me alive

these past few days were horrying.. hearing all the lame things blurted out by girls from my course..

yes i know that they all are doctors but cant they just shut the hell up and do the job.. instead of whining and updating their fb status every minutes??

here are some of them
" owh i didnt realize today is saturday"
" owh tagging is so tiring "
" lamenye xdpt tgok matahari "
" bestnye tido dlm ambulance "

what are they trying to prove here? u choose the path and u know how it would end up. get over with it and just do the job...

ok this is out of the topic.. foods are the one keeping me alive, cars and dreams and imaginations are my oxygen..
im all workes up when we all talk about scirocco and all..

and since its been awhile.. i just wanna say
1. congratz aton and kamal
2. happy bday to my best friend


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Dont u ever think ur smart

today had my first teaching session with Prof Fatimah Harun. Guess what, i idolize her knowledge and herself...

i feel soo inferior and stupid now

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