Converse X Fragment

A collaboration between converse and fragment. i never really like converse shoe due to the fact that it is very think and wearing it can be so uncomfortable. The price is kinda ridiculous but then this shoe catches my eye.. and it would be next on the list apart from Converse X Comme Des Garcons...

Sory Onitsuka.. u have to wait a little longer for me to add ur brothers to the collection

EDC with the shoe
The shoe can be very nice to wear with shorts esp for people my size
The fragment logo at the back

p/s: hope my diet regime this week would yield great results

Strong Girl

"Behind every strong girls, there is an asshole behind it"

LOL =.='

conversation between me and luqman when i wanted to bakar him to go back home



kat ne



blik pi


wat pe.. jom balik haha


minggu depan

ade exam week ah


ala bukan ko stadi pon


jom sahur kat rumah before u know it da kat um

sbb sok balik pagi

kaklong hantar

meh meh

ade coklat~

good sahur





jom ahhhh

nk amek game lagi


angah nak ke nak amek game ps2?


ko da beli TV card ke?

bole je amek ps2

tp mmg esok balik before noon


blum beli


angah dtg um sbb sangap shisha


so tu malas nak balik amik


nk balik da neh


kejap je... stadi kat rumah @ weaboo kat rumah


xleh,kat rumah internet xde limit

nanti balik carik link je keje


xpe angah pakai internet

jom aahhh jap je

sejak bile ko jadi pi


ramadan kot


jom ah teman angah

ngantuk nak balik

kene ade teman

we stop by mcD




on me!

mcD!!! who can resist that

such a proper food...

burger die



kaklong ngan mama mungkin senang kena racun


jom ahhhh

angah pon nak stadi

dlm aircond!!!

real comfort to study..


yeah right


siap da bukak aircond agi

jom jom jom

angah sampai lagi 5 minit

yay~! man ur the best!



fuck you

balik sorang2


shit ape



teman ahh

nanti angah bawak gi murni baru

kat area NPE

name die murni discovery





AND I FAILED!!! hahaha kental ass

Foods For Thought

Congratulation to my 4th year buddy who managed to pass his 3A exam despite of 70 of his batchmates didnt able to make it through. To celebrate his success, he offered us a break fast session in Tony Romas

The Famous Tony Romas Ribs

My so called decent meal for berbuka.. haha

Shrimp~ awesome

Midin (left) and Mizan who got engaged without telling others

Muizz the one who passed and Pimet

It was hell of a meal and words cant describe how full we were and during the maghrib prayer.. trust me none of us can rukuk properly. hahaha especially this boy

tgok la how much ribs he sambar alone... lol

Cutting Phase of Ramadhan

Happy Fasting to all muslim and today marks 2nd day of ramadhan and hope everything goes well.. anyway in regards with dieting and fasting, we do know that starvation state induce muscle breakdown therefore make sure adequate sahur is taken and break fast appropriately.

Anyway i measured recently in dietician office in RUKA and noted my bodyfat % is high (23.9%) and im quite shocked. So with this im going to focus my exercise on cardio and burn those unwanted yellow piece of junk fat. I read recently apart from the jogging and HIIT, another form of cardio is very helpful and that is SKIPPING ROPE. The problem is (or was) i dont know how to do rope skipping.

now im doing 1000 rep per day. hope it will help and let see the result in a month.

Cant have enough of this

These few days have been such a good weekend for me. Started of with Mukhriz's graduation, followed by MBBS05/10 on friday and Fazrul's on Saturday. Well to be honest am very happy for them and also quite sad as we wont be able to do this often. Most of them are working and leading their own life and bounded by their own commitment. Hope this mixed feelings will serve as a motivation for me to thrive higher.

It started of with Thursday when i need to go out 30minutes earlier before the Medicine end of posting exam. Drove all the way to DTC for mukhriz's graduation. Managed to catch nuzul and hop and hopefully they will guide me if someday ill end up in Sabah.

Everyone's favorite Dr. Nik Mukhriz

Then on Friday, my batchmates graduate and we had such a great time, have a long night out and had such a great laugh. Gonna miss every and single one of them as they're scattered all over Malaysia for their posting.

On Saturday I served as Fazrul's noob photographer. Well it was quite fun. Disembarked from UM around 2.50 with shasha and her cousin, arrived there, waited til my mom bbm-ed me that everyone's coming out from the hall.. greeted him, took few pictures and went to sent shasha home after a session at sushi king mid valley.

Dr. Fazrul, Shasha and me on his day

Today, just got back from picking up fazrul and mukhriz for our surprise visit to Epit's office as she's stressed out with heavy workloads and the fact that she is working on sunday. bought her Nasi Lemak and had a chat session before we finished the meeting with a little session in tutti frutti TTDI and Mukhriz's house.

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Hartamas

Waiting for the foods


This is where ur so stressed out eh epit?


Mukhriz and his 400g++
Some stalking session to finish the day off

p/s: Congratulation to Mukhriz, Sof, MBBS05/10, Fazrul and Iyas on their graduation, Thx Cheru, Mondox and Prono for massive shisha blast, Thx Fazrul for the Food, Thx Mukhriz for Tutti frutti and.. Congratulation Fini on ****** (haha xbgtau sesape agi)


Day by day.. it passes closer and closer towards me.. am i ready? hurm...