pictures from yesterday

0930 raju's famous banana leaf

1100 Pool

1300 Lunch @ Tony Romas

Salad for the nephrotic

Btw i would like to Congratulate kembar for getting their driving license. look at where luqman made his mistakes.. haha

damn cocky hahaha.. dats my bro

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Day out with the Freaks

Well today was quite exhilarating and tiring but it was fun. Started my day with a call from Fazrul bugging me to wake up. 0900 and its too early to do anything with life. Then went to Raju's for breakfast. The Roti Canai was not that bad and its quite unique as it was served on banana leaf. I have no idea how freaking famous this restaurant was until today. (imagine seeing 7series BMW, S class Mercedes and Porsche there. And even my scirocco!!!)

Then we ended up in Midvalley. Played pool there. Paired up with Fazrul against Iyas and their friend Hilmi. Lost 3 games. First game was rather bad but the other 2 ended up with fighting black. Won a game by chance. Haha. Ib joined the party
The day proceeded by having our lunch in Tony Romas. The food was surprisingly cheap if u were to take the lunch set. Lunch for 5 costing for about RM120. Well not bad at all. Celebrated Hilmi's birthday there. I pretty much ended up trip there but the others continued watching "How to train a Dragon in 3D"

Today all my BFFs from school,pasum, and UM was in Mid.
Radhi was looking for his PS3 game and ended up in Lowyat afterwards
Fazrul Iyas pretty much had an enjoyable day (i supposed)
Aklil and Kuton went for lunch in Garden's and Aklil wanted to buy his new spectacle

A Day to Celebrate 2

Currently im waiting in the car to have my breakfast with Iyas and Fazrul.. well since they're going to be late and me being here ahead of time, i figured out, writing some should be good.

Anyway look at the location, another good features in this mobile blogging.. we're going to have breakfast in Raju's in PJ. Honestly i heard alot about this restaurant but 6 years in UM an trust me i have never been here before.

well just want to congratulate my lit bros for getting award for spm and lutfi obtained best student for islamic studies ( haha still cant beat my bio)

luqman in waistcoat and lutfi is in blue

cant get enough of luqman's sarcasm and lutfi's sleeky manipulation

the one on the left was for best student bio and other 2 are for commoners... bwahahja rite along?

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Location:Jalan Chantek 5/13,Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

Men's Worst Style Mistakes Humor: GQ.com

Men's Worst Style Mistakes Humor: GQ.com

1. Embellished jeans
2. Guylights ( high lighted hair)
3. Mesh clothing
4. Ed Hardy
5. Sunglasses indoors or at night
6. Stupid t-shirts
7. Overly tan
8. The skullet
9. Fur coat (Thank god we're in malaysia)
10. Sports jerseys
11. Leather pants
12. Overly cologned
13. Hair plugs
14. Tighty whities
15. Colored contacts
16. Sideways baseball hat: A.K.A "the Hat Tilt"
18. Perm
18. Tacky polyester suits
19. Pinky rings

Well some of them are too obvious.. :)

Randomness #1

who wouldnt wan to eat this rite??? :p

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End of my cuti-cuti Malaysia

Well last week i was so enthusiastic about going all around malaysia, and going to places i have yet to set foot in. I was actually so worked out about this road trip and had everything planned just fine.

My friends and I was scheduled to go today but some of my friends bailed out and we decided to cancel the trip. Well they mentioned about low on cash and etc.

The scheduled trip was supposed to be a backpackers style where we will only sleep either in car or stay in friend's home. A very low cost travel and the only thing we need is fuel. (My best friend offered his touch-n-go card already).

Well enough of talking about something that will never happen. Well to be honest I am quite sad as i would personally think this would be my last great escape before my 6 months intensive. But things happen for a reason.


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The Beautiful 5 Years

Tomorrow, March 22nd 2010, my colleagues are going to sit for their MBBS professional exam part 2. Its unbelievable how fast the time flies. I can still clearly see the images of us going through orientation week during first year and here we are.

"Sorry i am not going to join the battle for the final exam with you guys, but do know that my prayers are always for all of you. May u guys have all the luck in the whole wide world with you, helping alongside for the rest of the battle" -zed 21/3/2010

Be a good doctor ok!

My first baby tiger

Ive been waiting for awhile for my onitsuka tiger mini cooper to arrive from Germany ordered from Ryre in Lowyat.net. However due to the package has been damaged during shipping, based on the european law, all the complications are covered by the sender. So the shoe made its way to Germany again and i have to wait few more weeks for it.

Anyway i went to watch a great movie starring Matt Damon entitled "Green Zone" last friday and it was such an awesome movie. On the way there, i noticed a clearance bundle sale by 3.6. Since it was 2am so i was able to sneak and take a peek at what they're selling. And i saw a great shoe lying there.

Today i woke up early and went to cineleisure again to check the collections. No doubt it was the old stocks and most of the sizes are ridiculous. I managed to find one that captured by eyes there and then.

Onitsuka Tiger Coolidge. The retail price is RM429 but i managed to grab this baby at RM200. :D
(p/s: sume ni coincidence, xsengaje beli.. terrrrrrrr haha)

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i went to jaya mall earlier and found this.. ikut nafsu beli je but then kang gemok haha

my fav choc mint!!! haha

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when I count to 3, open your eyes, the past is gone and the present is a good place for you to live in

Its been awhile since i watched a really2 good movie. lately the movies in cinema are overshadowed by such good trailer and the movies ended up being overrated and the qualities are horrible. I don't have to name them as many people would just agree with the previous statement. I just got back from Hartamas with my best buddies and we decided to watch a movie in my friend's room. The movie was "the blind side". A true story played by Sandra Bullock (she won oscar best female actress for her role in this movie). I don't think i need to feed you all with unnecessary reviews and spoil the fun but the movie is definitely earned its place in my favourites.

p/s: Sandra Bullock's daughter in the movie is freaking HOT~! :D

Ok lets talk about life. Since i need to extend my course for another six months, i have to wait for the rest of the coursemates to finish their exam and obtain results on the April 15th, therefore currently im unofficially on holiday before the study begins. Well how is the whole thing affecting me? Some of my friends appealed and the faculty decided to let them sit for exam but then i didnt even bother to appeal? why was that? i have my reasons

1. Studying for 3 weeks for study week is nearly impossible as you need to cover 5 years course.So i need a miracle to do it in 6 days. Considering how insecure i am and i need to finish reading everything not just focusing on the importants stuffs,this would clearly be an imbecile move.
2. Currently with my level of knowledge, if i happened to be lucky and passed the exam, im nowhere near reaching satisfaction as i dont want to be a sucked up doctor in the end
3. i strongly believe with 6 months intensive, i am going to be a very good doctor. (I have this situation in my mind,bugging me like mad, that made me think this way, imagine there is a life and death situation and u ended up killing the patient with your lack of knowledge. Do you really think God will forgive you? the family members might forgive you but then, how about Him from high above?)
4. Yes im missing the first RM24000 my colleagues are getting by missing work early, but then again its not like im not going to work later on.

I guess thats about it. when everything crumbles and haunting you and it is hard to make decision, just close your eyes, count to 3.God Bless You :)

A Day to Celebrate

The last few days have been quite unpleasant for me, as the dean office decided (or should i say Awang Bulgiba decided) to bar the 13 students from exam. yes including me -.-. so im having this 1 month holiday until 16th of April and continue my 6 months course of extensive studying for the exam on October 2010. Well im trying to be positive on this one and as someone repeatedly trying to justify and make himself better, Im gonna use the exact same sentence "well Tun Mahathir failed his professional part 2 for his Obstetric and Gynaecology and he turned up as who he is now"

Anyway yesterday was quite busy as i had to pick up the twins from KL sentral and went straight to SMKJ3 to pick up their SPM results.

The School



Congratulation to both of them for the outstanding results. (Lutfi 9a and luqman 8a)
U made us all so proud.In the evening we went for some sushi session

Man with his chuka-karage

Lutfi eating humbly

Well its been awhile since we all when to sushi king and it was fun. later im gonna post one interesting video.(updated: posted)

(speechless.......look at his reward)

Congratulation for the results and finally both of you can throw away those school uniform and welcome to the real world

Walimatul Urus

Saya baru pulang dari majlis perkahwinan kawan sekelas saya hari ini, pejam celik pejam celik, tahu menahu si dia ini sudah berumah tangga dan mempunyai tanggungjawab yang belum lagi dirasai oleh ramai rakan sebaya dengan dia. tahniah zaki zainal @ jang@ niger @ jenal (opps) @ zaki. semoga kekal ke akhir hayat dan menjadi suami yang baik dan bertanggungjawab (haha dats all for the attempt to write in malay)

Anyway i went to UIA and reached there around 6pm. It was my first time being there. to be honest, i would say the environments are way better compared to UM. Went for a little sight seeing with the car, the air was quite cool and definitely a good place to study. The buildings are definitely a better eye candy. Joie de vivre

I waited for Uya and topek to arrive. They reached around 6.50pm. Managed to do some readings. (what has gotten into me.. reading?? like seriously?) Then had my maghrib prayer there and finally disembarked together with with the rest to Kampung Perkahwinan (i guess that is what the place is called) in Wangsa Maju. It was raining, all the boys were in their full baju melayu, but since i couldnt manage to get my hand on mine, i settled with something casual. luckily didnt overdress (rite uya? otherwise mati curi limelight hahaha)

The food was great, black pepper chicken, the beef and the fish fillet was awesome. Then we all were amazed that in the middle of the event they served roasted lamb. golek2 lagi tu. and served together with Caesar salad and potato salad. Took some pictures.

Teacher Huda

Aton, Jannah and Hana

Topek and Uya

Zaki and Alya



Spend most of the time chatting and gossiping. Had a good laugh. Its been awhile. Then we went to take some pictures with the newlyweds. will upload it once i get hold of the pictures. and then someone made an announcement and it was....


Well the video explains everything. some of us do know the stories but most of us were left in the dark. Was informed about shocking announcement from Uya bout but didnt expect it to be him and definitely not expecting her. Anyway Congratz~


omg tis freaking hot my brain is boiling. yes literally!
but i need to study :(
God please let me sit for the exam
and please surprise us with snow in Malaysia haha


Today i received the news that dean office wont be releasing the result just yet. They need to have meeting with dean and etc. i guess my decision was right to ignore all these and proceeds with studying.

Lately spend most of my time in library. i guess its peaceful by just being there. finished gynae and hoping to finish obstetric tomorrow. had headache earlier at 8pm and missed my night session today..darn it. need to work even harder tomorrow!

Owh actually main post today is about SPM, saw luqman posted link regarding the result. it will be out on 11th march. another 7 days... goodluck to both of you.. seems like three of us will be anxious all over the weekends. i strongly believe both of u are the most clever... so dont worry

what is this? its vitiligo. associated with autoimmune.
zzzz off to bed now

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So not funny

well dean office is yet to make their decision for the 13 students. i was glad that gynae dept decided to let my case slides but unfortunately the reason i was called was due to attendance in surgical posting. well i supposed either the clerk didnt notice my letters for my absentism or she lost it. such screw up -.-

anyway im doing fine studying. finished quite big chunk of renal medicine and the physiology. currently struggling with gynae. hope cn finish it by tomorrow.

well look at how paranoid i am when i highlighted the word there. lets just hope the result will be out soon... and hope its a good one. ok few more pages of gynae and ill be off to bed. nitey

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hurm.. not to talk big or anything, im quite suprised on how im actually handling all these bar thingy.. some people would be depressed and distracted like god knows how.. but then im doing my study like usual.. perhaps not as hard as i hope but so far so good

well im telling myself that, whether i got barred or not, i will still sit for exam sooner or later ( be it another 1 year or etc ). to think about it being depress is normal but then it serves no purpose. what do you get from it in the end? maybe just sympathy at the early part but in the end sooner or later people gonna start to be annoyed. y dont i change this whole things into anger and feed on them. like i used too.. like i always did.

let me remind myself again
i scored sloppy 5As for PMR and what i did was, i kept reminding myself, my closest friends in boarding school was nothing better compared to me.. im no dumb ass.. i feed on that for SPM

then although the result for SPM was good, but not good enuff to earn myself scholarship, then i feed on that again for my matriculation

and this time im gonna do the same thing again. bcoz i know i am not stupid.
just a little motivational push before i end the day. goodnite :)

well nothing related just to brush up,this lateral xray of spine shows typical "rugger jersey" evidenced by thickening upper and lower end of the vetebras. this is caused by osteosclerosis commonly seen in patient with chronic renal failure. It is due to secondary hyperparathyroidism leading to renal osteodysplasia. clinical feature would be vetebral tenderness. see i am not stupid.. (ok dats a good way of denial.. i mean it.. good way)

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