This is iPhone, it can increase the size

"this is iPhone,it can increase the size" probably the only thing i remember about psychiatry posting when Prof. wanted to show off his iPhone. Well honestly im quite lazy to type anything into the blog but then considering it is only 4.30am and i have a class at 7.15am.Waking up would be out of the question.. so staying up and doing something is the only way i can use my time.

Recently, JPA scholarship was banked in and since i don't have any enormous debt, i've been thinking of buying either Blackberry or iPhone because basically i have nothing i needed anymore. The pros would point for Blackberry is that it is more classy and it has the exclusive look while iPhone would be more for youngster with zillions application (did i mention zillions already?). I always hated iPhone before as i called apple "x seryes" since y cant they put phone with 2nd camera so u can have a videocall to make it state-of-the-art phone that has everything?? i dont quite understand up till now.

So, i spend one night opening a thread in Lowyat Forum and posted that i wanted to buy an iphone 3G 16GB as it is considerably within my budget range. Few days later i recieved a private message from a sunway puchong guy saying he wanted to sell his iphone 3GS instead of 3G. It was clearly out of my range but then he offered me an offer i couldnt resists. It was a maxis set and i dont know how to refuse to such amazing offer (not to forget aklil,am,kuton and everyone else bakar-ing me). I ended up buying it and now its time to act like someone with no money.

iPhone 3GS from Maxis 16GB. i would bet Alexander Graham Bell wanted to get his hand on this gadget.

zillions applications? well from Cimbclicks, to MH flight check, to Pedometer and even CinemaBooking . the apps are just too AWESOME!!!

all 4 one and one 4 all

these are the other 3 members of my existing buddyline. the one on the left is the youngest called hafiz pimett. used to be abit smaller but since entering medical school he's been gaining weight. what a waste to such good facial figure hahahaa...
the one in between me and pimett is muhyiddin, the 4th year junior. he's abit shy and seldom talk much. maybe he's the nicest of all in terms of attitude and he's alim also. and the one the right is mizan. also a 4th year junior, same like muhyiddin. maybe the one im quite close to. he holds the record of most motorbike accident in lifetime i ever heard. hahaha

the other 3rd year junior is muizz but unfortunately he didnt attend the college dinner held. well maybe ill get a picture of him later. he's very bright and scored B for some of his pre-clinical examination. *clap*

When Blacks are too Common

I just got back from Indonesia few weeks ago and there i went to tailor my own custom made suit considering the total cost of approximately RM400 for a nice semi wool suit. Since i was not in the same flight with my family, they took the finished suit and i only had the chance to try it on about few days after coming back to Malaysia.

I was shocked to see the cutting of the suit jacket.It was horrible since i requested for a slim fit, double vented suit jacket ended up being as if it is for some old filthy-lack-of-fashion-sense businessman. Frustrated i am, brought me to some altering shop in mid valley and they charged me RM130 to alter the suit. That's not half of the bad news just yet, they can only finish the alteration by end of January which leaves me suit-less for dinner i am scheduled to attend today.

Depressed, Sad, i was. Seeing how much money i have left and finding new one would be out of the question. However the lady luck was still on my side, i managed to borrow some of money from my mom and managed to find a pre-made slim fit polyester+cotton suit in Cambell Complex in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a single button, normal lapel, single vented silvery Grey suit. Matching it up with black vest with white shirt and not to forget black cuff link. Not to leave my suit naked, i put on some black satin pocket square and silver tie.
It turns out to be very good. way out of my expectation as i never even dare to wear such combination.

I had a blast with everyone in MPIS (Majlis Penganugerahan Ibnu Sina) today.Owh and Mama, thanks and ill pay u back later


Well today marks the official day that i can bring my 2 little brothers to watch 18sx movie at the Cinema without worries. I still remember the story my mom told me about this 2 boys who climbed up the chair to eat kacang panjang near the stove, drooling and it was such a mess. How time flies so quickly.

They are going to start their matriculation/A-level and they are going to leave the house soon and i cant imagine how boring that can be getting home seeing the room that is usually lively becomes so empty. Well Luqman and Lutfi i promise to buy you two a worthy 18th birthday present once the wallet gets thicker

From 2 naughty babies with cute butt

To 2 handsome young adults. i love both of you forever.
Happy 18th Birthday!

Impulse Buying

This is one of the problem that i can't help either to love or to hate it. I was looking for a new IEM for the past few weeks and i have been so indecisive whether to buy a Skull Candy IEM or a Bose In-Ear II. After getting a reviews from LYN Audiophiles, i managed set my mind on some other brands.

While searching the forum, i saw someone who ordered a Fischer Eterna in November and managed to get the stock in his hand recently. Apparently he had some problems with his car and had to clear his collection of earphones. I don't know what was i thinking and grabbed my phone and SMSed him at 12.30am in the morning and without knowing. Tadaaaa

Well i cant say i regret it since i am left with few bucks to spare. But the quality of sound is freaking awesome.Well to think twice, a price of RM230 for such un-open box IEM was actually a great bargain since there are less than 20 of this in Malaysia and total cost for the original owner was obviously more than RM300. His loss my gain