Its a month away, yet I'm having insomnia.. I'm thinking too much..
Pass pass pass pass pass amin
And I miss my friend now..
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Dicipline, Sacrifice and Focus
another version would be
Needy, Jealous and Control

red one is to practice. blue one is to avoid

The heat is ON

Well exam is just 34 days away.. My plan apart from studying @ doing shortcase during the day, i plan to sleep early at night and do my reading at 2am..

Cuak gilee :(

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For you my dear.. Be strong

Yes shit happens.. but im always on ur side

Life isnt long
There will be pain but life goes on
With everyday a brand new song
But if you rather stay at home
Let me do you a favor

I'll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry
(if that's what you want alright)
And I'll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry
(if that's what you want alright)
ooooo If that's what you want alright

The beginning of the end

See you in 41 days. :)
Fully motivated
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The Road so far

It's 4am and I can't sleep. Is it the mosquitoes or is it the thought of exam getting nearer worries me so much?

OnG exam scheduled at 2pm today but that is just going to be an end of posting.Big final is just 41 days away and I'm behind schedule. Everyone else is working and leading their own life on their own..
I'm still relying on parents while others are already supporting theirs..

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now..
Pass the exam
Pass the exam
Pass the exam
( And get a lean body haha )
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Kids can be very Adorable

Cute Kids #1
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Raya blast in Negeri 9

Ok due to my recent obsession with my all time favourite TV series Alias.. i decided to make my blog a little bit more interesting starting of with the name of the place where my activities confined to based on the post itself.

Started my day in Bangi with my new baju melayu teluk belanga (teluk rite?) which was bought a night before Eid iteself. And performed my Raya prayers in Bangi. after damn good meal i headed straight to Negeri9. I recently discovered that the name of my kampung Linsum (we pronounced it as Lin-Som) should be pronounced as Lin-Sam and it was a name for chinese small vilage for miners. Ate alot of food and had such a good time with my cousins. which was pretty cool as our age gap was not that big so basically we can talk about alot of things easily.

At Makcik Esah with her famous Mee Kari Ketam

(from right: Kaklong, Aidil, Syafiq, Nurul, and me)

Compared it to pervious raya in 2009 (or was it 2008?)

After sinful binge session in the morning, we decided to go karaoke. Amazingly i found out that negeri9 people has this obsession towards karaoke and they have alot of shop Kbox,GreenBox, and whatever Box u know of name it..
on the way there.. almost every shop is closed.
2 orang bajet comel.. wakaka
they didnt even focuse to my beautiful voice. yet they camwhored all the time
Playboy kampung pening with his playboy song

Food after the session. look at the Barber shop's name at the back

It was a blast and after that we stopped by at McD and discovered for the first time that the stupid McD was out of fries, and the set number 3,4,5,6,7 (watafak?) and when u used up all ur energy ur gonna spend half of the next day sleeping.

along i know u love this shot because im very adorable when im asleep :D


New banner :D hehe to celebrate the new OT and Converse x fragment to the collection.. what's next? OT mini?? hurm.. lets just be on hiatus for a while unless i win some fortune