the Art of Love

I'm saying sorry in advance
Cause this won't always go to plan
Though we don't mean to take our love for granted
It's in our nature to forget what matters, yeah

And when the going is getting tough
And we're all about giving up
Things that we never thought we'd say
Gonna say 'em
Things that we never thought we'd play
Gonna play 'em

It ain't perfect
But it's worth it
(Worth it)
And it's always getting better
It's gonna take some
(Take some)
Time to get it right

Its 5am in the morning and im awake doing my case write up to be submitted at 2pm today. Suddenly this song played in my itunes. I love the early part of the song. It is so meaningful. The voice combination is gorgeous and so beautiful. owh and do cherish your love one =)

What da FAT??

Honest its been awhile since i go on a strict regime.. today i wanted to go jogging but then it was raining, therefore i ended up in Gym. With the mirrors attached to the wall i can see the reflection of myself in it. I realized i am FAT again! i used to be smaller than this.... @$!@$&*^%!!!!

i'm hoping instead of a friends saying, dats ok to eat, and its just this much.. bla bla.. i would really appreciate them to say. "dude get a hold of yourself, youre getting bigger, take a look at the mirror for once". seriously~ and this is for the whole family jugak!

this is obviously not fun

this?? im speechless

Ok now im back to 300-500kcal per day. 20mins of jogging per day and full fat loss workout starting from today!

Shoes are different, even in recession - Guillian&Bill

Well i wanted to find a running shoe for quite awhile and i didn't manage to do so even though i went for shoe hunt starting from Sunway Pyramid, to The Curve, followed by Mid Valley... and i got back home earlier today and went to Alamanda with hope of finding the shoe. The shoe i have earlier is a total crap(i bought a cheap shoe in jusco last time). A best friend of mine told me never never ever compromise on running shoe as you are basically putting your trust to that shoe in order to protect your feet and provide comfort.Therefore i decided to find a proper one since they usually can last longer.

I went to alamanda with my sister and i managed to find this. love the colour. Striking eh?

Nike Dual Fusion

Well this what you will get if u bring your sister along for shopping. She serves no function other then providing u with venomous poison to spend more. Well.. the taste of revenge is sweet. therefore i'm not leaving this battle just yet.... she basically wanted to find a shoe for her interview...
My lovely sister doing her shopping

Well every woman believes in the magic card rite? haha we're even now!

Owh and i was amused by few stuffs during this little adventure...

Bell&Ross Wannabe

Well i feel like jogging already.. Begone fats~

Reports Reports Reports

As the exam is getting nearer, most of us struggling to finish off all the works resulted from procrastination.. Name it, the posting case write up, autopsy case write up, cytopathology case write up, histopathology and transfusion medicine. Well luckily i managed to finish off most them and i am left with this growth study project of mine

Growth study project was implemented for 4th year where they will have to take consent to attach to a baby during their pediatric posting in Klang and continue following up the baby until 2 years of age.The date of submission of the write up is 1 month before the final exam. You have to cover all aspect of growth from monitoring the growth charts to assessing the denver developement chart and seeing how appropriate the growth according to the age.Well basically most of the students ended up doing it last minute and visited the baby for few times only. As for me, the baby ive chosen unfortunately move out to Penang therefore im struggling to find new one.

Well i went back to Kampung few days ago and managed to find my cousin who has a 2 year old child. Just nice and fullfilling the criteria i wanted. Well today i went to her house for the first time in Bukit Jelutong and i had a lot of fun chatting and examining her child. She is called Batrisya.. well she's very2 shy and anxious towards everyone except her mother.

Adorable Batrisya at her few months of life

For a child, no matter how fretful they really are, when they get their delicious milk, they can be as calm as windless grassland

And when u take them away from their parents...

p/s: she is adorable though

Morning Adrenaline

Most of people who know me, should know i always go bck either home or college at weird hour..

Well this is the reason

dont blame me.. empty straight road with 4 lanes.. and a capable 4 wheels.. who can resist. such temptations..

*dont try this*

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Place where the memories reside

well today i went back to my hometown in rantau, negeri sembilan for my cousin engagement. Well it was fun to see all of my cousins n see how they have grown.

we spend alot of time together here and had alot of fun last time. miss those time. i really do..

well today going to a short post since im writing in the car on the way back to bangi. testing newly downloaded blog software hehe :)

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Booooooobiessss (^_^)

Ok don't be too excited or agitated seeing the topic just yet. Im gonna talk a little bit about breast today.. i just got back from Prof Yip's Morning round started around 7am in the morning (yes i know the timing is ridiculous) and ended around 9am.. She brought us to see several patients with breast cancer.. and trust me what i'm going to tell u is nowhere near anything fun.

Well ladies i know breast is a very important part of female body and yes the impact and stigma when someone actually found a lump ( note that the lump doesn't mean its cancerous just yet )is HUGE. So even with a small lump they can be depress, demoralize and sad as hell..

So here is the story and please do learn from this. This patient found lump in her breast about 2 years ago. Well knowing she has a high risk of getting a breast cancer (her mother had breast cancer) she ignored the lump, and didn't get any medical attention.. She went to Ustaz instead. Well im a believer but then be rationale... this clearly can be solved with modern medicine.. praying and all is an effort but everyone knows logically about the solution (Even Ustaz Harundin seek Dr. for his heart condition while praying to Allah of course)

Well i don't know what the ustaz told her, but she strongly believes that the ustaz can cure cancer as he did to a lot of people. She waited and medicated herself by drinking some herbs. Few months later she had a bloody nipple discharge. Medically it is bad indicator but the Ustaz convinced her that the discharge need to be let out as the blood is a "Dirty Blood". She was convinced that the next process is that when the lump is all dried up and the lump will fall on its own. Ridiculous isn't it? well let see what happened to her now...

The tumour fungated until it appears like this (this is not her actual picture) but her real tumour was actually covering her whole left breast and due to the size and the attachment of the tumour to her skeleton, she had trouble to moving her left hand.Trust me the real picture is way devastating compared to this one. The smell was horrible and it attracts fly

So do be aware if u have a high risk of getting a breast cancer. Risk are:

1. Family History of breast Cancer
2. Previous lump found that was benign
3. Early menarche and late menopause
4. Oral Contraceptive pill user
5. U are on Hormone treatment
6. Nulliparous
7. Age >50

Do practice breast self examination.. See below to learn how
Please please please for god sake, take a few minutes of your time everyday to feel your own breast every time you take a bath. Don't wait till its too late

Owh and i wanted to take this oppurtunity to say RIP ACE :'(
I don't know why am i so affected and sad u died even though it is just the manga. I guess i can truly imagine how is it like to lose a brother.. (i hope my lit bros didn't read this or else they will vomit blood seeing this absurd way of expressing love)


What happened if you have haphazard sleep cycle,
spend the night reading but basically cant remember a thing?
well and u have class at 7 till afternoon. You are pretty much a walking
zombie by then. Gosh this pattern need to end. Either i have to stay awake till tomorrow night or i have to sleep now! The latter one obviously not an option

p/s: binger get well soon, wont be fun without teasing u around haha

++Ok in addition to my earlier post, i have decided to write a little bit more, here goes.. i came back from home today and reached UM around 6.20 only to realized i forgot to bring my room key along with me.. (@.@) and ended up speeding back home and reached home 6.50 and after performing subuh prayer and taking a bath i wanted to rush back to UM for my class at 7.30am..

Speeding Excites me.but not when you are nothing more than half dead zombie

halfway i realized i forgot to take the key.. (like seriously?) and i turned back and frustrated i went for some binge eating and then drive back to UM. The traffic was horrible. i cant barely even do 40km/h.. and reached um around 8.50am..
Too bad that i missed the class.. i wanted to hear Dian presenting Pancreatitis case :(

I realized then that i can borrow extra room key from the office for awhile without going through such hassle.. so lesson learned... 1. I am too clumsy without enough sleep. 2. I desperately need to correct my sleep cycle 3. I edited this post zillion times due to spelling error. Get some sleep laaaa


They're all part of the list
things that I miss
things like your funny little laugh or the way you smile or the way we kiss
what I notice is this
I come up with
Something new every single time that I sit and reminisce

Owh do u hate me??

Well i spend my dinner few days ago in rasta TTDI with a best friend of mine, and of course when there's food and meet up.. there will be stories.. well this friend of mine is very pretty, smart (book and street) and very very independent carrier woman. I would definitely hit on her if she's not my best friend. haha~

Anyway.. here goes, there are few people currently trying to hit on her and none of them in my personal opinion suits her at all. One having a very severe inferiority complex and another being a douche bag practically.I don't know about others but i guess most of them wind up in either one of the group i mentioned about.
well speaking of which, having a carrier, and being a boss, she is a very busy person and rarely reply my sms-es (damn u! haha). Well basically the highlight of the story would be when she did'nt manage to reply a sms from one of the douche bag and later on followed by subsequent sms saying

douchebag : "hurm why didn't u reply my sms? are u busy? or do u hate me?"
the girl : "sorry did not managed to reply in time. was busy"
having said that, she was actually pretty mad and annoyed by the sentence "do u hate me?"

Well guys out there. I know i am not eligible enough to advise people or anything but then, what do u intend to achieve by saying that sentence?
this only shows that

1. You are feeling inferior and lack of confidence towards yourself
2. You are practically worried more about your competitor
3. You suck at choosing words and sweet talking
4. You practically want to annoy her (unintentionally)
5. Congratulation you just actually shut the girl's heart

So please.. if you want to hit on a girl, at least be confident, be who you really are, don't bother about other competitor and whether u get the girl or not, don't make a fool out of yourself

Something i found while browsing old files in the computer... :D

Hernia Outbreak

Its been few days since i started to study and so far i am doing great. I just got back from the ward earlier around 10pm and it very shocking since there are at least 5 patients with hernia in general surgical ward. Well hernia or in malay they call it "angin pasang" is rather a common condition in surgery ward but considering UMMC is a secondary hospital. We rarely see cases like hernia and even appendicitis.

Hernia is defined as " Protrusion of normal internal abdominal viscera through weakness or defect in the fascias and muscular layers which normally confine them".I managed to get the opportunity to brush up my examination technique that i left out for almost 1 year and a half already and it feels good.I am so relieved.

What crucial about hernia is that, we need to know the causes, and also the different types. Mainly the hernia occurs in inguinal region and lecturers favourite question is that how to differentiate clinically between direct and indirect inguinal hernia. despite of similar management they still wanna screw us up.

this is the example of inguinal hernia where u cant really differentiate it when it appears like this

for this one, it extends to scrotum and the patient is a child.So bare in mind this is usually indirect inguinal hernia and has a high risk of strangulation.
be aware if the patient appears toxic.

As for the correction of the hernias, there are 2 methods basically herniotomy or hernioplasty (shouldice and newer method lichtenstein)

Ok enough about swelling in the groin area. despite of being busy, i still cant escape shopping. Just now i ordered a shoe from Germany through bulk ordering from someone with insiders and managed to get a good limited edition item.The shoe is called Onitsuka Tiger R55 Urban Clubman and the shipment will arrive probably middle of the month after my surgical end of posting.

Be my motivation u money sucker! haha!

The Beginning of The End

As of today, I have exactly 49 days until my professional exam part 2.To be honest i haven't been studying as much as i did back then in Klang. I slacked off like hell anyone can imagine in minor posting and also since "that".I barely studied at all for all my major postings and yet i am blessed with all the luck. Managed to pass all my major posting but clearly for the upcoming exam, luck alone wont suffice for someone to succeed.

As of today, i promised myself to spend my time studying, less with the computer, less with goofing around like idiot and getting myself closer to Allah. 2 of the most important sacrifices i am going to make would be

1. Stop going out especially at night (be it hartamas,al-safa,bangsar,ampang,movie)
2. Stop shisha-ing.

I would spend most of my time in my room like what i did for my professional exam part 1 and have the book opened all the time and revising. Although to be honest i am not sure whether this gonna work out fine or not, or whether i would be able to cover my 5 years of learning with some mere 49 days of struggling. but it is worth the try. I know i don't want to fight a losing battle.

else i will cut something of mine due to regret and use this instead. HAHA!
Ya Allah tunjukkan hambamu ini kearah kejayaan. Amin~