Well after almost 2 months finally I'm gonna start working, I'm listening to seminar on hospital finance and its boring

P/s: I lost my ipod touch sigh
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Randomness #7

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Well im currently obsessed with this new series i watched while i was on holiday in MEL. Its called junior masterchef australia. Thanks to this im fully occupied with doing something that is actually worth my time.

Without a doubt, those kids can cook beyond their years. Well i have my own version of masterchef at home. Some of u may know how well my little brothers can cook but i think it runs in the family. Ecehhh.. Haha

This is my chocolate hazelnut pudding with cream chantilly and candied orange zest.
Lesson learned: u have to manually whisk instead of using machine for pudding, use non dairy cream and find a zester!

Normal fried rice

Fried kuey tiaw
Lesson learned: kuey tiaw doesnt blend well with chicken, prawn and some kerang can do the wonder. Taugeh and daun bawang also

My chicken schnitzel.
Lesson learned: u can make breadcrumbs with blender. U dobt really need food processor. Of course the later can produce more superior result

Lutfi's grilled chicken with honey orange sauce and "i still cant rememer the name of the sayur"
I think its a sweet-somthing-piece

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Location:Jalan 3/3,Bandar Baru Bangi,Malaysia

Holiday without worries

Its been awhile since i have been on a plane, heading towards a beautiful place, stress-free, without thinking of books, and anything to do with readings, white coat and all those horrible stuffs. Last week i was on trance and had a blast in Melbourne. Mama had a conference she needed to attend there and she asked me the day i took my geneva oath, whether i would like to follow her there. Although she spend most of her time there working and me wondering around with my sister, it was overall a very nice and excellent trip.

Started with an 7hour and 45minutes flight from KLIA and luckily i stayed up all night the day before since i was caught up watching Glee and ended up packing my bag at 3am in the morning and had to leave at 6.30am and because of that i cant barely appreciate the 7hour of boredom. We reached the airport around 8pm melbourne time. took the taxi and headed to albert park since mama's conference was held there in The Sebel.

the indonesian cuisine, tasty!

city tram is FOC, so the traffic is good in the city

the view is awesome (taken with 1.3mp Blackberry)
Hanging in the park
Peppermint fudge and coke zero in the park
Queen Victoria Market
Si rambang mata shopping
Look at the size of this aphrodisiac monster

The next day my sister and i took a talk all over the city. Im gonna skip most of the stuff but what i like about the city would be:
- Well generally the people there are so humble and friendly
- The public transportation is flawless. its so efficient
- Most of the sytem there based on your honesty, name it, the tram, even shopping complex where u have to scan your own item, put it in the bag, and once completed u can pay by putting ur money in the machine or swip your own card. Everything is done on your own
- You can easily get Halal food as there are so many Asian in the city
- The weather is nice, disregarding the my skin dried and almost luka.
- You can get a cheap car here!!! (if you are paid in AUD). Imagine Lancer @28k AUD and my favourite BMW6 series for 200k AUD!! goodness
-Its a clean and simple city
- The scenery is awesome

and what i dont like about the city @ australia
- If youre paid in MYR, then ur screwed, single meal ranges between 8aud-15aud, mineral water @3aud
- u cant do your shopping there, everything is expensive (again if u are paid in MYR, if ur paid in AUD then its fine)
- The internet sux (and expensive)
- They dont have prepaid for blackberry (loser gila malaysia pon ade)
- otherwise its ok i guess.

St. Kilda Beach
Most people said, when you travel abroad, find something you dont have in your country so here you go

I got back a day earlier than my mom and my sister. and guess what, i miss melbourne already. So, see u again in future?

This is my favourite shot :) end of my 98th post in the blog

Happy 52nd Birthday

Today is a birthday to the most important person in my life. She's on leave today due to flu but at least she's at home :) .Well the is nothing else to say apart from thank you for everything, and thank you for being there all the time.

Sorry this time I didn't manage to buy whole cake but I got u something certainly better than half a cake :p Anyway semoga panjang umur murah rezeki. Sorry for any wrongdoings, i never meant to hurt you in anyway. I'm very fussy from the moment i was born, when i was so fussy about drinking my milk, my food, those tasteless vegetables. Sorry when i got back from school with very mud stained clothes and shoes. Sorry if ade tercharge ur credit card (rasenye belom lagi). Be happy always... ill buy u a lamb shank anytime. just tell me when.

Love u always
p/s: thx god u like the julia OP art large wristlet

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New Look

new beginning, new chapter in life... whole new chapter

Congratulation to NIK Hafinni and Haris

The blog has been left unattended for quite awhile but the new update will be dedicated to my special friend fini

Though this post might be comprehensive due to the fact I'm still feeling feverish since the same day she is engaged.

I received sms few days ago inviting me to her "you know what event" and it was a blast since the whole group was there, be it from Penang or even sucky selayang (:D)

7pm: arrival at Surian for our checkpoint
8pm: disembarked to her house
9pm: berbalas pantun antara pihak BUNGA and KUMBANG, FINI jd perempuan paling ayu dan bersopan santun. Esp when asked "btol ke yg ni pasangannye" and she answered tersipu2 "ye.."
10pm: the food was a blast. Can't really appreciate considering the weight gain and the fever started to spike

Pardon the image quality. 3.2mp je akakaa.
By the way I hope both of u will lasts their whole lifetime.Congratulation again :)
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Give me a Sign.

God help me I've come undone
Out of the light of the sun
God help me I've come undone
Out of the light of the sun


The cases are crazy. I'm nt convinced anymore
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My Precious Wall

Aahhh nervous. Hate this
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Final Few Days

made it or not. this will be the only group picture. there wont be any more after this

2 weeks

2 weeks away and im so freaking out. so many things to read, to be remembered. May Allah be with me all the way throughout this exam and throughout this life. Amin


Its a month away, yet I'm having insomnia.. I'm thinking too much..
Pass pass pass pass pass amin
And I miss my friend now..
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Dicipline, Sacrifice and Focus
another version would be
Needy, Jealous and Control

red one is to practice. blue one is to avoid

The heat is ON

Well exam is just 34 days away.. My plan apart from studying @ doing shortcase during the day, i plan to sleep early at night and do my reading at 2am..

Cuak gilee :(

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For you my dear.. Be strong

Yes shit happens.. but im always on ur side

Life isnt long
There will be pain but life goes on
With everyday a brand new song
But if you rather stay at home
Let me do you a favor

I'll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry
(if that's what you want alright)
And I'll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry
(if that's what you want alright)
ooooo If that's what you want alright

The beginning of the end

See you in 41 days. :)
Fully motivated
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The Road so far

It's 4am and I can't sleep. Is it the mosquitoes or is it the thought of exam getting nearer worries me so much?

OnG exam scheduled at 2pm today but that is just going to be an end of posting.Big final is just 41 days away and I'm behind schedule. Everyone else is working and leading their own life on their own..
I'm still relying on parents while others are already supporting theirs..

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now..
Pass the exam
Pass the exam
Pass the exam
( And get a lean body haha )
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Kids can be very Adorable

Cute Kids #1
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Raya blast in Negeri 9

Ok due to my recent obsession with my all time favourite TV series Alias.. i decided to make my blog a little bit more interesting starting of with the name of the place where my activities confined to based on the post itself.

Started my day in Bangi with my new baju melayu teluk belanga (teluk rite?) which was bought a night before Eid iteself. And performed my Raya prayers in Bangi. after damn good meal i headed straight to Negeri9. I recently discovered that the name of my kampung Linsum (we pronounced it as Lin-Som) should be pronounced as Lin-Sam and it was a name for chinese small vilage for miners. Ate alot of food and had such a good time with my cousins. which was pretty cool as our age gap was not that big so basically we can talk about alot of things easily.

At Makcik Esah with her famous Mee Kari Ketam

(from right: Kaklong, Aidil, Syafiq, Nurul, and me)

Compared it to pervious raya in 2009 (or was it 2008?)

After sinful binge session in the morning, we decided to go karaoke. Amazingly i found out that negeri9 people has this obsession towards karaoke and they have alot of shop Kbox,GreenBox, and whatever Box u know of name it..
on the way there.. almost every shop is closed.
2 orang bajet comel.. wakaka
they didnt even focuse to my beautiful voice. yet they camwhored all the time
Playboy kampung pening with his playboy song

Food after the session. look at the Barber shop's name at the back

It was a blast and after that we stopped by at McD and discovered for the first time that the stupid McD was out of fries, and the set number 3,4,5,6,7 (watafak?) and when u used up all ur energy ur gonna spend half of the next day sleeping.

along i know u love this shot because im very adorable when im asleep :D


New banner :D hehe to celebrate the new OT and Converse x fragment to the collection.. what's next? OT mini?? hurm.. lets just be on hiatus for a while unless i win some fortune

Converse X Fragment

A collaboration between converse and fragment. i never really like converse shoe due to the fact that it is very think and wearing it can be so uncomfortable. The price is kinda ridiculous but then this shoe catches my eye.. and it would be next on the list apart from Converse X Comme Des Garcons...

Sory Onitsuka.. u have to wait a little longer for me to add ur brothers to the collection

EDC with the shoe
The shoe can be very nice to wear with shorts esp for people my size
The fragment logo at the back

p/s: hope my diet regime this week would yield great results

Strong Girl

"Behind every strong girls, there is an asshole behind it"

LOL =.='

conversation between me and luqman when i wanted to bakar him to go back home



kat ne



blik pi


wat pe.. jom balik haha


minggu depan

ade exam week ah


ala bukan ko stadi pon


jom sahur kat rumah before u know it da kat um

sbb sok balik pagi

kaklong hantar

meh meh

ade coklat~

good sahur





jom ahhhh

nk amek game lagi


angah nak ke nak amek game ps2?


ko da beli TV card ke?

bole je amek ps2

tp mmg esok balik before noon


blum beli


angah dtg um sbb sangap shisha


so tu malas nak balik amik


nk balik da neh


kejap je... stadi kat rumah @ weaboo kat rumah


xleh,kat rumah internet xde limit

nanti balik carik link je keje


xpe angah pakai internet

jom aahhh jap je

sejak bile ko jadi pi


ramadan kot


jom ah teman angah

ngantuk nak balik

kene ade teman

we stop by mcD




on me!

mcD!!! who can resist that

such a proper food...

burger die



kaklong ngan mama mungkin senang kena racun


jom ahhhh

angah pon nak stadi

dlm aircond!!!

real comfort to study..


yeah right


siap da bukak aircond agi

jom jom jom

angah sampai lagi 5 minit

yay~! man ur the best!



fuck you

balik sorang2


shit ape



teman ahh

nanti angah bawak gi murni baru

kat area NPE

name die murni discovery





AND I FAILED!!! hahaha kental ass

Foods For Thought

Congratulation to my 4th year buddy who managed to pass his 3A exam despite of 70 of his batchmates didnt able to make it through. To celebrate his success, he offered us a break fast session in Tony Romas

The Famous Tony Romas Ribs

My so called decent meal for berbuka.. haha

Shrimp~ awesome

Midin (left) and Mizan who got engaged without telling others

Muizz the one who passed and Pimet

It was hell of a meal and words cant describe how full we were and during the maghrib prayer.. trust me none of us can rukuk properly. hahaha especially this boy

tgok la how much ribs he sambar alone... lol