Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit

yeah.. after a long shopping abstinence and clearing my stuffs.. i finally got something i always wanted. A new hoodie. :) so happy.. now need to cut down the waist and trim the body... more jogging... more workout~!

Comme des Garçons

Hehe.. next stop? wait im broke. No more next stop.. time to save again~!
perhaps if i able to reach my target weight i reward myself with Evisu or perhaps Levi's Fenom hahaha.. dream on broke bastard :(

Randomness #3

so called study table.. lucky its not that dusty.

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New Cloth For the Baby

Garangkan???!! haha :D

Study Group

today was a success thx guys! do it till end of our course and we will be super!

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420kcal only??

6.23km = 420kcal?
so called HAPPY MEAL = 1200kcal on average
18km run to burn them all

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what can u do if u only have this amount of cash left? simpan buat duit tol to comeback home la ape lagi.. hahaha

4km today. tomorrow definitely going for 5km

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5 months and 28days remaining

Well day 2, had session with Prof Saw Aik, quite unfortunate as our coordinator ia currently in Korea so we dont have any rounds this week.

in the evening we had session with Dr Ravi, hell of a guy, superb knowledge to the core.
Went for 2.7km jog today, aiming for 5 but it was raining and i dont wan to ruin my shoe

Did 5mins abdomen again and this time did proper chest workout as managed to find correct bench for benchpress

ate nothing today apart from ABC fr gardens food court, bloody bff forced me to it. negative calorie intake + lousy 180kcal burned. Aiming for better tomorrow.

Off to bed now, gonna watch Barca against Inter Milan later at 3am. Bye blog

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The Dawn of the New Beginning

Today went to dean's office for the new class and it turned out quite good as the members of my group are way better than what i hope for.

Started with ortho, considering im weakest in ortho, this would be a great oppurtunity to cover it back once and for all

Got my new matric card, on diet, went for 3km jogging and continuing my old 5mins abd exercise and did my upper chest regime.

Hope to be closer with Allah and managed to do my study well today.
Hope it will last :) gd nite my blog

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The Day We Clogged Our Arteries

its been awhile since i updated this blog of mine. promised myself not to let it die. at least something to kill my time.

last week i went to malacca with 2 of my colleagues. well we decided to make it as a foot hunting trip as who would be so enthusiastic about visiting places if its not about food.

started the say in UM
went to perhentian nilai for breakfast. off to malacca and went to see fort, churches and etc. had our lunch in one malay restaurant. well lets not forget to mention the other 2 of my friends are cendol freaks, so most of the time they wanted to hunt for it.
met our senior who is currently working in malacca hospital.
dinner at the best cheese nan in the country, walked around and back to UM

attib's breakfast

my breakfast

daniel's wantan something for breakfast

my peppermint bubble thingy to cool of the hot afternoon

each of us got our own flavour

jam besar cendol. well attib and daniel said it cant be compared with cendol klang though

abc jam besar for me

air mata kucing for lunch

attib's nasi campoqqqq

i settled for mee bandung ( cant find decent portugese meal)

daniel's kuey tiaw goreng

after lunch around 4pm they cendol freaks went for cendol durian in dataran pahlawan mall

attib's cendol gula melaka

and for the ultimate dinner

ibab's waiting for the food

and tell me who would resist this?

and this??????

ok fine picture of the historical place!

attib and his cannon hahaha

the only fun thing in stadys

ok not bad. long post after awhile

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Randomness #2

im bored. my maxis reached 500mb limit for this months so i cant on9 using phone. pretty much a dull phone without it.

tgok ape sebah said.. haha cant wait to hear it live

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Im a fan of sockless when wearing sneakers but then when u sweat, it will ruined thr shoe. That fearsome odour its going to haunt you forever. Fear not, look what ive been waiting to hit the shore and now its her...

its called a no show sock. this is only brand that offers it for the time being

without a shoe -.- it looks like you need to wear a tutu with it hahah

During the hunt i found this also. Such amusement. Well for certain people it can be viewed as Hot.

Rawr!!!!!! hahahaha

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