The end of my searching Journey

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would go so far to get it. I'm definitely not talking about girls here.. I'm talking about passion here. PASSION FOR SHOES!! :))
Well I have been searching for a shoe for quite sometime.. it was released back in 2007 for a limited pairs. Well i was kinda unlucky as financially i am not that secured back then ( as if i am so secured now :S )

Lets talk about this shoe in particular. It's called Rakugaki from Asics Onitsuka Tiger. I am so into this particular brand because for me it is like the casual version of clarks. and I would go for design that wont be available in uptown or worn by those Remps ( Rempit sounds abit ugly )
Well here's a description from a review from one of famous shoe website on the net

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics have given some of their classic models a Rakugaki treatment. Rakugaki, a Japanese term, roughly translates to “doodle” and after taking one look at these models, it will be easy to know why that the name was chosen. The Mexico ’66 and the Samatore features high quality leather uppers with a graph paper like print. No information is presently known about the release.

About the journey itself. It started in 2007 but back then i know that owning this shoe that very moment would be impossible and as the year passes on.. as you know for the limited shoe wont add up in the market so the quantity become lesser and lesser. Earlier this year in 2010 i browsed through a lot of online forum, ebay, mudah, lowyat forum and not a single person who owns this shoe wanted to sell them for some obvious reason.

There's actually a shoe available in eBay international but it costs 299usd. Well you do the math if its not even inclusive of the shipping costs. The shoe location is in New York and you can expect another at least RM200 for the international shipping. Bearing in mind the risk of losing the shoe on the way to Malaysia.

Then today 20th July 2010. I saw someone asking about anyone selling rakugaki ( i gave up asking long time ago ) and there is this one guy stated that he actually owns one and wanted to sell because its small for him. It was 8US 7UK in size. To be honest i am wearing a size bigger but what the heck, i PM the guy and asked him about the price and i would do immediate COD at his place just for the sake of this shoe and the rest is history.

owh just look at that delicate design... :)) u made my day dear shoe


Anonymous February 25, 2013 at 5:10 PM  

SMS me if u wanna sell your raku. Mohamad 0135538121.